Class Schedules

A Day at Parkview Preschool

Students and parents will become familiar with this process at drop off:

  • sign in on the sheet by door (required every day – including phone number)
  • assist with changing into indoor shoes (wet/muddy boots will go on a rack)
  • hang coat and backpack on child’s hook
  • child carries snack bag to classroom
  • proceed up the stairs and wait with your child until teachers open the classroom door

Once the students are in the classroom, here is what a typical day will look like:

  • free play time as children arrive – varied activities including puzzles, play dough, small imagination toys, building toys, etc.
  • children assemble on the carpet for daily routines that include instructions about new activities, discussing current classroom themes, calendar and stories
  • center time for children to explore, cooperate, create and play, where teachers interact and support learning objectives
  • snack time – children wash their hands, find their place mat and enjoy a small, healthy snack together
  • gym time – children regularly head downstairs to the gym for physical activity -dancing, sports and games
  • show and share – during the last 10 minutes of class, the “Busy Bee” has an opportunity to present a special belonging that the class learns about through asking questions

At the end of class, the children will be released either from the gym or the classroom once a designated adult has arrived.

  • check your child’s basket on the shelf above the coats for any mail/crafts to go home


  • picture of trees
  • a little boy holding a small board
  • a boy showing a sad face



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